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Hi student!

If you're going to study at SLU Then you can apply for a home with us at SUSBO

Stiftelsen Ultuna student housing

The Foundation of Ultuna Student Housing (SUSbo) has two areas with student apartments and rooms, Gälbo and Kronåsen. Gälbo and Kronåsen are situated directly by SLU. The foundation was founded by Ultuna student union in the 60ies. SUSbo is a non-profit organization.

The campus is the most densely populated with dogs in Sweden. To accomodate the needs of our four-legged residents also, we have built a fully tiled space where the residents can shower their dogs.

Contact us

Gälbovägen 66, 756 51 Uppsala
018 - 30 25 00

Opening hours

The expedition is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday kl 12.00 – 13.30

Phone time every weekday 9.30 – 16.00

Live with us

Do you have questions or concerns about rental pavilions, parking spaces or anything else related to your accommodation?

Home insurance

For a better night’s sleep – get a home insurance policy!

Error report

If you have any problems with the property, please contact us and we will send a service technician to fix it!