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About SUSbo

The Foundation of Ultuna Student Housing (SUSbo) has two areas with student apartments and rooms, Gälbo and Kronåsen. Gälbo and Kronåsen are situated directly by SLU. The foundation was founded by Ultuna student union in the 60ies. SUSbo is a non-profit organization.

The campus is the most densely populated with dogs in Sweden. To accomodate the needs of our four-legged residents also, we have built a fully tiled space where the residents can shower their dogs.

There are bus routes leaving for town with close departures. Ultuna is located about 5 km from Uppsala centrum.

You can read more about our residences under Our residences.

Welcome to SUSbo!


How long do I need to be in the housing queue to get a room/apartment?

The queue time varies over the year and from year to year. In the fall of 2019, the queue time is about 1 year for a corridor room, for an apartment you can expect at least 2 years in line. Contact SUSbo for more information.

How do I pay the rent?

The rent is payed in advance. For example: the rent for December is to be payed before the last of November. The notice of payment is sent to your mailbox and cannot be forwarded to another address. If you know that you will be out of town, you can come and get the payment notices at the office. You can also pay without the notice, just state your object number and address.

Payment is due BG: 455-5827

What is needed to rent a residence on Gälbo or Kronåsen?

You have to be a student at SLU and achieve at least 15 hp per term and be a member of the student union. SUSbo does yearly study controls and controls of membership in the student union.

How do I renew my queue?

You should renew your queue, whether you live with us or not, as long as you want to stay in our housing queue. If you want to keep your queue, you should contact us in the matter via mail, phone or visit the expedition. This should occur sometime between January 1 and last May of each year. It costs nothing to renew their place.